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Priority Toxicology Laboratories is committed to providing reliable, innovative and value-focused substance abuse screening products and lab services to pain management clinics and other customers. By using the newest and most advanced technologies We have the experience and resources to ensure that our clients are able to keep pace with new trends in drug abuse.


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Business Hours: 8a-6:30p M-F

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Dr. Jeremy Willis

Dr. Jeremy Willis


Dr. Willis is the owner of Priority Laboratories located in Union City, Georgia. He founded the company in 2015 and will celebrate being in business for 5 years later this fall. Prior to Dr. Willis creating this business endeavor, he taught Organic Chemistry at a collegiate level from 2004 to 2014. During that time, Dr. Willis enjoyed helping young African American men pursue their life goals of becoming physicians and chemist throughout the United States and abroad. In his current role as owner and CEO of Priority Toxicology Laboratories, Dr. Willis’ primary task include all levels of oversight of the company’s growth and sustainability..